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Giorgio Kampo – From St Moritz to St Tropez

Giorgio Kampo - Romanian rising DJ & Producer / M8TE -

Raised in Bucharest, Giorgio Kampo is « the sound » of many trendy and hype venues from the swiss mountains to the french riviera.
Time to know more about my M8TE and rising romanian dj and producer: GK.

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GK – Hi Cedric, introducing myself is about introducing the Giorgio Kampo project.

IB Hello Giorgio Kampo, can you introduce yourself, what’s your story ?

My story began in 2004 in Romania as a dj where i was also also an mc (master of ceremonies) for few years. At the beginning it was just for fun but in 2012, i decided to go pro, so I moved to Sankt Moritz (CH) were I lived for 4 years.
There I had the opportunity to be resident and guest dj and also to play inside and outside of the mountains (El Paradiso, Diamond Club and guest at King’s Club).
Feel the need to say i was also invited 3 years in a row for Sankt Moritz Music Summit playing alongside dj-s and famous parties from all over the world (David Morales, Sebastian Gamboa, Derrick Carter, Ministry of sound, Glitterbox, Louie Vega, Joey Negro etc..).

Giorgio Kampo - Playing in Paradiso St Moritz in Winter Time / M8TE -
Giorgio Kampo DJ @ El Paradiso Saint Moritz

It was a good experience but I decided to give up the snow for some sun and then moved to St Tropez.
Since 2014 I’m the resident dj of Club Les Palmiers.
St Tropez ….what can I say … all season long 😀 .

Giorgio Kampo - Resident DJ @ Les Palmiers St Tropez / M8TE -
Giorgio Kampo – Resident DJ @ Les Palmiers Beach Club in St Tropez
Giorgio Kampo partying with people @ Les Palmiers Beach Club in St Tropez / M8TE -
Partying in the sun @ Les Palmiers Beach Club in St Tropez

After 3 years of residency at Club Les Palmiers, when the 2017 season ended, I decided to make the next step : producing music.
It was a struggle in the beginning but I had help from my friends and together, I think we had a good start and each day I consider it as a new day to learn something new.
So in few words, this is my story.

There are many DJ in Bucharest and in Romania, and a few like you succeed in playing outside the country.
According to you, what’s the difficulty for a romanian DJ to « export » himself ?

From my point of view going outside without any recommendation is difficult to reach the best venues, but not impossible, this depends on you and what you really want.
My advice : go outside, it’s going to be difficult but in the end it’s worth doing it .

Giorgio Kampo - In The Mix / M8TE
Giorgio Kampo, Mixing @ The Harp Bucharest

What’s your vision about the romanian scene, clubs, bars ? You played in many venues in Romania, so according to you, what’s the difference between Romanian scene and French scene ?
What can be improved in both ?

Clubs, bars ……Cedric to be honest we could have this discussion for 2 weeks and it ain’t gonna end :))

I need to be objective on this matter of discussion so : times are changing, music is changing, the culture is changing.
I think every club/bar owner tries to go with the trend.
Contrary to the young djs who also follow the trend, according to me, the djs from the “old school” are working together to bring back house music alive .

Giorgio Kampo - Joben Bucharest / M8TE -
Giorgio Kampo – Resident DJ of a new place to be in Bucharest: Joben Bistro

Since 2016, you started to produce and released an EP with Andre Rizo which is a famous romanian producer.  How did you collaborate with him ?

I met Andre in a club in 2013, it was that vibe, both being dj, having 70% of the same style… it wasn’t hard to get along.
His experience as a producer and my vibe as a junior producer came to the point that we had the first EP : Andre Rizo & Giorgio Kampo – Portofino

This first EP had very good feedbacks and then some tracks like Farafi (more than 300K views) or Inner Peace (50K views) had a big success on Youtube.
You’re now played by big producers and supported by radios …what’s your point of view on this ?

Farafi and Inner Peace were on the second EP.

Andre Rizo & Giorgio Kampo – Farafi (Original Mix)
Giorgio Kampo – Inner Peace (Original Mix)

I think this moment made me realize I’m getting “there” .
These 2 tracks were 4 months in top20 DanceFm in 2018, and Inner Peace was on 19th place on Top50 DanceFM Best Tracks of 2018.

« Portofino » didn’t make it on the radio until now but went viral on internet.
My point of view is that i feel like being part of a big community and help each other to grow, work hard and release good tracks !

What are the notable changes since you’re now a recognized producer ?
Do you have more exigences regarding musical production and your projects ?
Any upcoming collabs ?

So since I’m a producer i work 3-4 times more than when i was working as a dj. Being known is a good feeling but you need a lot of work to improve yourself and to bring something new in the market. I’m also developing my skills ….but IT’S WORTH doing this.

I just released 2 tracks from my 3rd EP (« Falling / By My Side » )… and still working in the studio.
I’m also thinking of releasing an album, probably in December 2019.

Regarding collabs, i will have some upcoming ones with romanian, swiss and spanish producers… it will be a surprise !

Giorgio Kampo – Falling … upcoming release of the 3rd EP
I knew you as a DJ of « El Paradiso » in Saint Moritz (CH) which was one of the « hot spot » there, and during summer, you’re the DJ of Club « Les Palmiers » in St Tropez (FR).
In Bucharest you were playing at « Bonton », « Yacht », « Fumetto » and now « Joben » … always playing in nice places and for beautiful peoples.
How do you select your venues as a DJ ?
Can you tell us more about your summer residency ?
How is the season there ?
What would be the « right » residency for Giorgio Kampo ?
Giorgio Kampo - Joben Bucharest / M8TE -
Giorgio Kampo – Wearing the « Joben » – famous top hat @ Joben « steam punk » Bistro

How I choose the place ? 🙂
It’s kinda tricky because many times the place is choosing me.
If I feel that good vibe and i’m free to play what i want, then everything goes with the flow.

My summer residency is like a 3 months holiday.
It’s just about feelings and entertainment, so it’s perfect for me.
I didn’t say it’s easy but the result is outstanding : having 3-400 people on the same vibe with you partying every day for 7-8 hours on the beach is a nice feeling.

By the way, the season is tough, so every day, you need to bring something new … but I love it !

Giorgio Kampo @ work in his home studio in Bucharest / M8TE -
Giorgio Kampo working on the next tracks in his home studio in Bucharest
What are your next projects ? What can we wish you for these upcoming months ? 

Future projects involve a residency in Ibiza, new albums to be released and the rest i’ll let you know …soon.

Thanks cedric for having the patience with me for this interview !! 😉

My pleasure … bye Chico 😉

More infos about Giorgio Kampo:

Soundcloud: Giorgio Kampo
Instagram : Giorgio Kampo
Facebook: Giorgio Kampo

– Restaurant « El Paradiso » Saint Moritz
– Beach Club « Les Palmiers » Saint Tropez
– Bistro « Joben » Bucharest

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