Where to find your DJ in the Maldives ?

Hiring a DJ in the Maldives

M8TE is a talent and event agency specialized in DJ and artist services that operates in many countries, including the Maldives archipelago.
Whether you want to organize a private party, a corporate event, a wedding, or any other specific event, we are here to support you.
From your projects to their realization, we use all our know-how to realize the event of your dreams.
Are you looking for a DJ for your resort ? We also intervene in the placement of DJs and artists for luxury hotels, and offer « sound-design » services to create the musical atmosphere of the place.

Who are our services for ?

Are you a resort ? an hotel ? an event organizer? a wedding planner? or an individual who wants to hire a professional DJ in the Maldives ?
M8TE / DJ Maldives is here to ensure the success of your event !
Private luxury event, exclusive wedding, gala, corporate event, artistic services to hotels … we intervene in many configurations to satisfy you.

A seaplane flight over one of the many resorts in the Maldives.

The Maldives, a little paradise on earth

Ideal and popular place to declare your love or go on a honeymoon, the Maldives archipelago is one of the most exclusive and luxurious destinations due to its geo-location.
Located off the coast of Sri Lanka, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, you will discover a real postcard setting :
turquoise waters rich in marine fauna (sharks, rays, multicolored fish …), white sand, palm trees, bungalows with your feet in the water … everything is there to enhance your stay.

The Maldives is above all a group of 26 atolls and more than 1000 coral islands, most of which are home to 5-star hotel complexes intended for privileged and even ultra-wealthy customers.
Each resort offers luxury services that rival each other in ingenuity in terms of surprising infrastructures:
restaurants or rooms under the ocean, exceptional bungalows and private islands, spas with underwater views …
Leisure is not to be outdone! You can enjoy snorkeling in a natural « aquarium », swim with dolphins and whale sharks, go jet skiing or even enjoy a unique surf simulator.

The icing on the cake: the welcome and the sense of service and hospitality are impeccable. Everyone will bend over backwards to satisfy your every wish.

The underwater bedroom of exclusive suite « Muraka », located at Conrad hôtel / ©

Your artistic services in the Maldives

M8TE agency is now offering its event services in the Maldives for any type of high-end event:
Private parties, ceremonies and weddings, corporate events (seminars, team-buildings, « corporate » trips, etc.), we will work alongside you to deliver the best experience.

In order to meet the demand of resorts and hotels, we offer tailor-made artistic services such as DJs, Artists, Musicians, Live Bands, Performers and Circus Artists among others. On the other hand, we implement all the technical means necessary for the smooth running of your events, such as sound and lighting.
M8TE also proposes concierge services for luxury hotels and restaurants: support and artistic direction, creation of themes and shows, à la carte shows, tailor-made private events …

Demonstration of the possibilities of DJ Maldives with our technical partner Stage Core / ©

In collaboration with our luxury events partner and friend Stage Core (a technical specialist based in Male, the capital), we can intervene on any atoll, by air or sea.
Whatever event you dream of, we are able to deliver our technical services (sound, lighting, video, stage …) on the island or hotel of your choice.
M8TE agency and Stage Core work in close partnership with many resorts located in the Maldives in order to manage the global organization of your event project and to offer you the best experience as possible.
Management, organization, technical spotting … we leave nothing to improvisation.
We also offer our services as a consultant for the opening of new places and hotels.

Our DJ services for hotels

The DJ brings to the idyllic setting of the Maldives a musical presence in order to sublimate the beauty of the place.
What could be better than lounging by the ocean or by a swimming pool, to the sound of music chosen in perfect harmony with the dream view you have ?
Chill-out music, deep-house, nu-disco … each DJ Set is adapted to make the experience even more unforgettable.
The Maldives is both a sensory and auditory journey that will not leave you indifferent.

Much more than music, DJ Maldives offers you auditory experiences!

Our professional DJs and artists come from Europe and the Middle East to bring you unforgettable experiences.
We propose various profiles, related to the theme of your event, recruit new profiles if necessary, and manage all the logistics for you (transport of equipment and travels of artists, accommodation, meals, etc.)
DJ Maldives, showcase of M8TE agency in the Maldives, carefully selects talented artists to meet all your expectations, whether you are looking for a DJ specialized in a music genre, or an open-format DJ capable of playing all styles. to satisfy the greatest number of you.

Let yourself be seduced by the « Sublime by the Pool » concept, M8TE’s original creation specially adapted to hotels with a luxury swimming pool (+ more infos here)

Event consulting, Music direction, Sound Design …

Thanks to our DJs, M8TE also offers sound design services to sign the musical identity of your venue.
Our wish: to create the musical atmosphere that will correspond to each place, to each desired atmosphere, and to the expectations of your customers.
As sound designers, our DJs work either « live » in order to create a musical atmosphere adapted to the moment, or through the creation of thematic mixtapes, delivered remotely in digital format.
We also offer tailor-made music creation services (production) in order to set you apart from the competition, and to have a real sound identity linked to your resort.

On the beach, facing the ocean, or by the pool, the music of DJ Maldives accompanies you.

Modular DJ + artist formulas

Would you like a DJ accompanied by a saxophonist ? a violinist ? or a singer?
We can provide you with formulas including duos, trios (or even more) to delight your customers or surprise your guests.
The possibilities are numerous and the artistic combinations various.

Are you seduced by our services and want to entrust us for your events ? Please do not hesitate to contact us now.
Our DJs and Artists are at your disposal for all your events in the Maldives, but also in the Seychelles or St Barth, among other destinations.

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